Hi, this pool is closed, please mine the new Ssf pool https://mining.cminors-pool.com Thanks
SafeSeafood Pool - Happy New Year
posted 11/29/2019 01:58:41 by Cminor

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Hello Welcome Everyone
Single sign on is enabled log into all pools with one account
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Quick start mining
1. Login goto my account/edit account
2. Add a payment address, Safeseafood wallet address
3. Set automatic payout threshold to 1, payments hourly
4. Complete other details enter pin and click update account
5. Goto my workers add a worker
6. Pool stratum url located in help/getting started tab
7. Input details into miner hardware/software
8. Start mining!
Wallets: https://safeseafoodcoin
Contact/Support: https://discord.gg/
Discord: apps
Chat: here
Low diff variable port:6173 cpu/gpu miners
High diff variable port:6172 asic miners